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The dreaded PIP review

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Sunny Clouds:
I can't think of anything apt to say except

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Hi Fiz
As it’s a renewal form I suspect it asks are you better, worse or just the same. If you know what points you were awarded in the past make sure you say worse if it’s been worse in the past 6 months.  The test is can you do a task repeatedly reliably and safely for the majority of the time. That means if you say you have 3 bad days a week then you’re ok the majority of the time. So if something is fluctuating make sure you say it’s affecting you 4 or more days per week.

Re an extension, just try and phone the day before it’s due back and explain that you’re just out of hospital and barely functioning so can you get 2 weeks extension.

Sunny Clouds:
An add-on for fixable 'went wrong' things, to give hope...

With my DLA -> PIP, I had lots of time but asked for more, then asked for a reconsideration and had a deadline for that.  The wotsits messed up and did the reconsideration before the deadline, probably because I'd sent them some info, just not all of it (and I did say I was sending more). 

Fortunately, I sent my extra evidence signed-for, so they did another reconsideration, and to my surprise, I didn't actually have to ask them to.  But for all that I feel like screaming when I think of DWP paperwork, they were good with me about extensions and re-doing their 'oops forgot the extended deadline' decision.

(Mind you, given the amount of paperwork I sent them, they were probably frightened I'd send more.)

I still haven't managed to even read the form. I'm struggling to cope day to day or think about a future to be honest.

Total nightmare. My GP had said she'd print off a few bits from her system and leave them at reception for me to collect. I needed to collect my medication from the adjoining pharmacy and did that this morning and totally forgot the paperwork from the surgery and was too exhausted to go back again. Someone from CMHT phoned to say that my GP had contacted them concerned about me and that I would be allocated a care coordinator at tomorrow's team meeting but I wouldn't meet them until next week. I mentioned the PIP deadline and paperwork and he said that he would collect it for me and drop it round today. 

When he arrived I asked if he would phone the DWP for me to ask for an extension which he agreed but after 45 minutes in the phone queue he had to leave. I then phoned on my phone and it was answered after 55 minutes during which I fluctuated between panic and tears while waiting. The customer services advisor has given me 4 weeks extension. I mentioned that I might not be able to photocopy things and what happens then and he said phone nearer the time and they could email me a PIP2 form and I could fill that in and return it with attached evidence. I said as it is unlikely that I can get what's needed photocopied could I do that now but he said no, try and fill the form in and get the photocopies and only if that is proving impossible should I phone back nearer the time to do it digitally. The whole system is incredibly stressful and not fit for purpose in my opinion.

I tried to read what my GP printed off but my concentration lasted one page before everything blurred out. Hopefully I will have a care coordinator next week who may be able to help me with it.

If they take almost an hour to answer the phone how can people make an appointment with an advisor to help make a call like that? The advisors just wouldn't have the time surely! So people just have to cope alone.


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