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For those fed up with doom and gloom news items and need to read something more uplifting and enjoyable, then can I recommend the Positive News Website.
It covers news items from both the UK and worldwide.

The only thing that I find slightly annoying is a pop up which keeps coming up asking me if I wish to subscribe to the print magazine edition. I'm sure there's a way of stopping that but being a bit of a numpty I have no idea how!

Happy reading!

Sunny Clouds:
I love sites like that.  Sadly I doubt if they get enough click-throughs to sustain it without sufficient sales of the print edition.  Gosh, what sort of world do we live in where my instinctive reaction to seeing tht pop-up is that positive news would be less likely to get enough click-throughs than other news?   

I also like watching those naff Youtube videos that are compilations of heart-warming video clips.  You know the sort of thing - footballer falls and gets injured and the opposing team all stand aside and still to let his colleague score a goal for him.  I cling onto reminders of good things happening and human kindness.


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