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Lack of access at Cop26

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An Israeli minister was unable to gain access to the grounds of the Cop26 venue as it is not accessible to wheelchair users.
I don't whether I feel more ashamed as the host nation or shocked, disappointed, embarassed, let down, and angry. I think it's a combination of all of these things.

Which numpty who organised this didn't consider accessibility? I truly despair at times. It feels like one step forward and two steps back.


I quite agree.

I thought this was a modern venue so how come it is inaccessible or is it a problem of thoughtless security?

On the edge:
Blame the Scots they set it up lol

The venue as in the building is accessible, the UK organisers set up shuttle buses with no wheelchair access or pedestrian access to the venue. Bit stupid but plenty of wheelchairs get into the hydro for concerts.

Don’t know why they didn’t source buses with ramps as the local bus companies (First & McGills) both have buses that accept wheelchairs

It's just a lack of joined up thinking on the part of the organisers assuming that all attendees would be ambulant.

Apparently, the government are now trying to blame the Israeli visiting party for failing to declare that they would require specific access requirements in advance. They, of course, deny this and state that the organisers were clearly informed on numerous occasions. When will society change so that access requirements do not have to be notified in advance? Only then will we getting somewhere close to having true parity and access equality.


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