Author Topic: Antibiotics Could Relieve Back Pain Caused By Infection For 40% Of Sufferers.  (Read 1157 times)


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"A simple course of antibiotics could relieve chronic back pain for up to 40% of sufferers, scientists claim.

Researchers have demonstrated a link between many cases of long-term back pain and infection by acne bacteria. One leading British expert described the discovery as "the stuff of Nobel prizes"

Trial evidence indicates that pills to treat infection rather than surgery can bring an end to the misery of constant lower back pain.

If the results are confirmed, many thousands of people in the UK who suffer from chronic back pain could benefit.
Around four million Britons can expect to suffer from chronic lower back pain some time in their lives."



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some important things to note: this research only applies to people who have chronic, lower back pain.   The antibiotics have to be taken for at least 100 days.  Doctors have known for a long time that some people could have chronic infections, they have only recently learned such infections are much more common than they had previously believed.

For those who may be interested: the infection is usually a bug which lives harmlessly on the skin.  It can cause acne (hence the recent introduction of treatment of acne by antibiotics) but they have now learned that the bug can creep into (for example) damaged spinal discs and once there can cause chronic inflammation and pain. 

They think that this new treatment could save many operations per year - and hence the costs associated with that.
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My sister mentioned this earlier and it is amazing news.

The vast majority of infections were caused by Propionbacterium acnes, the bug responsible for acne.

P. acnes secretes an acid capable of dissolving bone, leading to painful bone swelling. The bugs may be to blame for up to 40% of all cases of chronic lower back pain, the researchers believe.

I know it is not the same thing but it reminded my of how the chicken pox virus lurks in I think the spine and when a person is overly stressed and weakened the virus presents itself as shingles. Every now and then I get a couple of shingles spots and some zappy pain and sometimes I just get the zappy pain. Also had shingles proper and is horrid.


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Sunshine, yes shingles is horrid! I was so frightened of having it again, and then I got TN! Shingles would be preferable, sigh.

I think this is great news, as long as people get the right treatment! And it isn't overused as then there are problems with antibiotic resistance.

I had a friend with a collapsed disc, she had a discectomy and has been perfect ever since. She managed to have it done (privately through work) relatively quickly. I wonder if the the speed at which the disc is treated have anything to do with the likelihood of infection getting in?