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Re: Working from home
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Hi Mabelcat

I would challenge that statement: if you make bad decisions and overspend when you are unwell, then that is surely as much a symptom as any other symptom you may exhibit?    Your illness is not your fault, you have very limited control over these symptoms.

I strongly recommend this guide on mental health issues and debt, it's published by the excellent Martin Lewis (financial journalist): 

regards, Deb


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Re: Working from home
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Mablecat, I agree with Deb, it is not your 'fault' that you are ill and your bad decisions stem entirely from your illness  >rose< .


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Re: Working from home
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Of course as a social worker I used to advise and help other people with budgeting.  I was really good at it!

Things are better than they were and a loan finally pays off in November which will make give me a bit more cash which I need as my car is almost certainly on the way out.

Debs - I have seen the Martin Lewis guides and they are good but the trouble is I know what I 'ought' to do; it's sticking to it that's the problem.


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Re: Working from home
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"I used to advise and help other people with budgeting"  I have worked with money advisors for about 20 year and many of them struggled with their own finances so its not uncommon.  as you say its the sticking to the budget thats the hard bit.   I'm worse now I can do online shopping & have to actively make sure I stay away from the "checkout" section of Amazon, my wish list runs to about 3 pages  >whistle< and I tend to have weak moments when I move the items from the wishlist to the checkout & hit submit  - its a nice feeling to get a parcel.

We all need an occasional treat & I have felt guilty when the parcel arives but I don't have many vices so thats my excuses.
If I worked from home it would be worse cos I could be here all the time to get the deliveries  >lol<
Don't feel guilty about spending cash - your not defrauding anyone  >hugs< your keeping a supplier in business >thumbsup<