Author Topic: Disability benefit: £16m overpaid to claimants  (Read 4380 times)


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Re: Disability benefit: £16m overpaid to claimants
« Reply #15 on: 15 Jul 2012 03:05PM »
I think it depends on whose error it is.


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Re: Disability benefit: £16m overpaid to claimants
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I think official errors are not recoverable but DWP still ask for repayment. I don't think they can enforce it - the problem is that the people they are targetting tend to be the ones who will go without food or heat in order to  repay a "debt"  - Oh well I suppose I can expect a queue of distressed pensioners in verying states of health at the door - I mean low rate AA is still 51.85 so say the op is from last few years 48 * 52 = 2490 thats a big amount of £ :-( :-(

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Re: Disability benefit: £16m overpaid to claimants
« Reply #17 on: 17 Jul 2012 10:04AM »
Mr Sunshine was off sick less this year and so earned more, it was not until I saw his P60 that I realised how much more. This meant that we were overpaid tax credit and I wish they would hurry up and tell me how much we have to pay back so I can budget. Given how many of us here dread getting a brown envelope through the door it does feel weird me sitting here hoping the one from tax credits arrives today. We did not actually get sent the renewal forms until June and it would have been much better if they had sent them in March because then I would not have continued to get over paid for three more months.

All that being said I do feel in my case that I should have realised Mr Sunshine was earning more and told the tax credit people sooner. Luckily he saved some of his extra earnings and is prepared to give me a large part of what he saved once the tax bill comes. Bit sad that while he earned about £2000 more this year we are probably going to lose that amount in tax credit, income tax and national insurance payments. I did say to him its a good thing we can be less reliant on the state, especially as benefits are harder and harder to get.