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Covid-19 fear
« on: 25 May 2020 11:20AM »
There's a thing called Coronaphopia, an extreme fear of Coronavirus.

I definitely have Covid fear. I am shielding as my adrenal glands seem to be not working and aren't producing cortisol which creates our immunity so am high risk of death if I were to get the virus so that may well be part of why, but I also think given that I am not a great lover of life and have no fear of death, that the knowledge that people literally are fighting for every breath for days or weeks and how awful that must be is a greater part of my fear. 

I am having to walk my dog around the adjacent park but can only do this once a day at crack of dawn when it is definitely empty when really she needs two or three short walks. That aside my only steps outside the front door are to bring in the bags of groceries left on my doorstep by supermarket delivery drivers. I bring the bags in, put the food away then wash my hands singing happy birthday dear Covid x4 and still worry for days worrying about whether any virus might have got to me somehow in the process of bringing food indoors. 

I am TERRIFIED OF Covid-19. Anyone else terrified of it? How are you managing this fear? 

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Re: Covid-19 fear
« Reply #1 on: 25 May 2020 01:00PM »
I am not scared of Covid 19 itself but I have so far found myself unable to go out anywhere except the back garden and by the front door. I think it has to do with being ill and in pain for so long but also of late I have realise I am worried about people judging me for being out and about. This is made worse by me fear of being randomly ill when I am out. This time of year I get more Menieres symptoms so get suddenly dizzy or spacey weirdness. also TN has reared it meanspirited head and strikes sometimes when I do something that is such a small trigger. Yesterday the wind blew my hair about and I got Ouch $%^&**( of pain that was as powerful as it was  nonsensical.

It is great you are getting your dog out and it's more than I can do at the moment. Hmm I am trying to feel okay with doing other stuff like helping Mr Sunshine with DIY the problem is it is me that wants the DIY doing and he is more of a DIY don't.


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Re: Covid-19 fear
« Reply #2 on: 27 May 2020 09:24PM »

Your assertion that there is a thing called Coronaphobia is correct, there is an irrational fear of the virus.  As far as you, and I, go, our fear is not irrational, as with our reduced immunity we would definitely be on a one way trip to the Coronavirus Pod at the hospital.

I totally appreciate the difficulties you have with your fang-faced friend (sorry, my caniphobia kicking in!  >biggrin< ), the walkies bit doesn't occur with cats.  I am not too worried about transfer from delivery bags, the drivers all follow barrier protection by wearing gloves, which I know they change every delivery, I asked.

What worries me is people not keeping far enough away.  I have been out on my mobility scooter three times, two trips to the chip shop when myself and MrsT couldn't be bothered to cook and once to the supermarket.  All of these trips were earlier in the lockdown.

As far as my fear level with the virus, it is beyond dread, I hope my seclusion, going out into my back garden every day to listen to my neighbour singing a song for people on facebook is done with social distancing in mind, even when my upstairs neighbour walks through to her garden.

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Re: Covid-19 fear
« Reply #3 on: 28 May 2020 10:26PM »
How to put it, hmm, I'm not so much scared of the virus just concerned not to be doing something avoidable that could put me at more risk of coming close to it. I suppose what makes me that wee bit less than scared is given I'm a smoker and aware of the implications that brings I guess there's not a lot of point for me to worry about the virus. One thing I am concerned to do is make sure as best I can that I don't encroach on others space as though I feel OK I wouldn't like to discover I'm in the asymptomatic group of folk, no symptoms but able to transmit the virus.

Over recent days I've been playing with the sewing machine I bought for my friend a while back adding some heavy canvas to the masks I bought through Amazon. The masks look fine but I just felt they were not as good as I would like and with the addition of the canvas my breath doesn't pass through the mask anywhere near as much as without it. The canvas also has the benefit of being waterproof so I can easily wipe down the outside and the inner mask surface is washable itself.

Sorry, little coughing fit, me and my smoking doh. I hope everyone else does find a way to cope and stays as safe as they can.
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Re: Covid-19 fear
« Reply #4 on: 30 May 2020 01:32AM »
I'm not so much scared of the virus as scared of what will happen next economically.  I'm also in a state over the fact that I'm just not getting important paperwork done.  I also want to get some key repairs to the house done while the weather's good.

If I get the virus, I hope I either get it mildly or die.  I don't want to live with significant lung problems.  

I go out with a mask and gloves on and wash/disinfect my shopping when I bring it home.  (Some items I wipe a disposable cleaning wipe over and leave to dry naturally so the detergent + moisture are on the surface for several minutes.  So I suppose that's protecting me.

At the same time, in many ways, when I go out wearing my mask and gloves, I feel like what I'm protecting myself from is not so much getting ill as the guilt-tripping I'd do if I passed the virus on.

That's not about virtue, just already struggling with wondering how many people round the world suffer so I can enjoy my lifestyle without killing more people.
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