Author Topic: Is anyone getting the government food parcels?  (Read 1015 times)


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Re: Is anyone getting the government food parcels?
« Reply #15 on: 25 May 2020 07:39PM »
Hi Fiz
logistics were the problem in working out who got the help and who didn't.

People phoned the council who took their personal details and then the council had to ask either volunteers, private companies etc to deliver the parcels.   In my area Brakes deliver the Scottish Government parcels, British Gas drivers and other volunteers deliver to the other people but are not given the phone numbers of the person as that would be passing on data to a 3rd party.

It also took 7 days to update the list - we are not a huge council but have delivered food parcels to 3700 households.

When someone phoned at 10.30 to say Whys my parcel not here all I can do is say they deliver until 6.30 so please wait and do you have enough food for today -  normally the answer was yes, one person called at 8.45 to complain the delivery hadn't been made yet and I had to stop myself from saying come on mate.  His reasoning was that he couldn't lift the parcels - the guidance we have is that you then ask for the parcel to be split into smaller bags so that you can lift it in.

If you had got a phonecall from a withheld number asking if you were sure you still needed a food parcel you might not have answered the phone - also the food is ordered from stores, shipped across the country, sorted in parcels for 1 adult, 2 adults, food allergies for 1 or 2 etc,  doing that for 3700 household or 528 households per day is rather difficult.  No matter how organised you are.


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Re: Is anyone getting the government food parcels?
« Reply #16 on: 26 May 2020 04:05AM »
It's a nightmare and it was an essential plan the government set up. I hadn't realised it was possible to request the contents of the box could be split into bags to carry in easily. Though I had no contact details for anyone and would have had no idea who to contact. I would have split it up myself but it was bucketing down, almost hailing and the cardboard was rapidly soaking and if I hadn't dragged it in as best I could immediately the box would've disintegrated. It's so good the government set this up and I'm sure they did their best and as quickly as possible. When my first box arrived I hadn't been added by my GP to the official list and had Sainsbury not responded to my Facebook message plea setting me up with priority slots been in desperate need of the contents. I did use some of it and several bits were taken to the foodbank so would be used by people in need too. Only the potatoes and loaf of bread got binned from the first box, everything got used from the second box as I was well enough to text someone to come and collect stuff from my doorstep to use and take the spare goods to the foodbank.