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Flashing animations in posts.

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Sunshine Meadows:
We had a thread on this somewhere but I can't find it so I went to the House Rules thread and it says,

--- Quote ---- Use overtly flashy animations in the avatars on their profiles. If someone uses an animation and it causes visual problems for someone else they will be asked/helped to make the animation static or change the avatar altogether.
--- End quote ---

Although it is not overtly stated this rule also applies to animations put in posts. As people already know I have Trigminal Neuralgia and flashing images can cause pain and nausea so I tend to avoid them. For the last few weeks I have also been getting fierce headaches, today has been the worst and I just went to look at a thread but had to make a hasty retreat because of the animation. More animations have been creeping into posts lately and I know I am not the only one being affected. I have come to the conclusion that rather than making myself ill editing the animations to a static state I am going to have to just edit posts - delete the animations. so I and other people can read and take part on the thread.

This decision does not apply to the animated smilies that have been made available for use on Ouch Too. Please remember not to go ott and post a lotof those animated smilies in a row.

There will be a two day grace period before automatic deletions come into place and as usual members can discuss and make suggestions on this topic by using this thread.

Thank you,

Thanks for the reminder, Sunshine  I hope that you will be feeling a little better soon.  >hugs<

Sunshine Meadows:

--- Quote ---Sunshine  I hope that you will be feeling a little better soon.  >hugs<
--- End quote ---

Thank you  >hugs<

I apologise if I have unwittingly posted any flashing animations, and I also hope you will be feeling a bit better very soon Sunshine.  >hugs<

Hope the headaches soon recede - thank you for the reminder about flashing or moving images. >tah< >hugs<


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