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How to use icons and which icons can you use?

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Sunshine Meadows:
I am putting this thread in Talk for a day or so after which it will be moved to the Learning Zone.

The new icons have been added to Ouch Too to better label the topics on the various boards so people can more easily choose or avoid topics depending on their personal preference.

See the attachments  >attachment< below for how to add icons. If the picture is too small click on it to make it bigger.

If you have any questions or comments about the icons you can post them to this thread.
I do still have some work to do eg I might be able to to improve the colour match, I still have a few icons that can be added but I want to wait and see what is getting used and how.

Sunshine Meadows:
The forum software allows me to decide if an icon appears on one specific board eg the Cafe or on all the boards but it does not allow me to pick say 3 boards and exclude 2 and this is why I have set them in a particular order from top to bottom.

The Warning triangle is available on every board.

The Talk, News and Current Affairs, Disability Q and A, Welfare Rights, Management Feedback, Campaigning and also The Learning Zone have these  >attachment< icons.

The names on the icons should help you know which icon can be used for what. Please bare in mind the DWP IDS icon is to be used when the thread you are starting is about IDS or some upsetting DWP information. For the time being if a thread does not have a new icon attached to it I am going in and adding one. This is to help people see how to use the icons on various topics

Sunshine Meadows:
The Cafe also has these icons  >attachment< and I have listed them at the beginning so you need to look from the top down for the cafe icons.

Please note you must be in the Cafe when you are starting a Cafe thread to see these icons.

Sunshine Meadows:
I did the same with the icons for the 3am board eg looking at the list you will see old icons first and then those icons listed in page 1 and 2 in message 2 of this thread.

I am not going to go in and add icons to threads on the 3am Board, the people posting there can decide for themselves if they want to add icons from the list to their threads.

You will notice the icons I just showed you that are for use in the Cafe do not show on the 3am boards list. I figure people using the 3am board would like the thread listing to look a bit 'calmer'


Sunshine Meadows:
 >attachment< icons that only show on the News and Current Affairs board.


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