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Curve Minimal Multicolor Theme - the one with the plain logo

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--- Quote from: SunshineMeadows on 07 Feb 2014 01:14PM ---
--- Quote ---I must be being very thick what are "themes?"
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Themes are just not on your radar of things you need to know, your not thick.

A theme determines the colours, text, icons etc that are used to illustrate the design of the message board.

On there website the people who designed the website have a section where programs offer theme downloads for free.
There was a thread in talk about purple recently which reminded me of this site where they use a purple theme sorry but the forum has been closed because of spam. That was a surprise. Anyway here is another link to show an alternative theme,

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What I should have written is how are they altered on this forum because I can't find them anywhere.


--- Quote from: lankou on 07 Feb 2014 01:02PM ---
--- Quote from: SunshineMeadows on 07 Feb 2014 12:41PM ---

Please look at the attachment below  >attachment< it shows what those using the Curve Minimal Multicolor Theme now see in Talk.

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I must be being very thick what are "themes?"

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You're not thick, it might easily be something you didn't notice at the time.
Some of us aren't seeing the multi-coloured splash at the top of the page, as it's too intrusive - we were given the option of a different colour-scheme (theme) with more muted colours.  When I'm not logged-in, I see the splash & quickly log-in to reduce the discomfort.
Moving icons are sometimes hard to deal with but they aren't on every page.

There are some members who have moving pics as part of their profile - is there any way to make them stationary in the "minimal" theme?  It's hard to ignore something persistently moving at the side of a post; that makes some difficult to read, which is a shame as I don't want to miss those members' contributions at all.  Maybe I am the only person who finds this hard, in which case I'll have to carry on tolerating it. 

It's not sensible to try different settings for each individual, that'd be a ridiculous amount of work for you, SM - and whatever you do won't suit everyone as we are all different.  If you change A to suit N, then O will say they'd really like C, whereas P would like D better and Q wants to go back to A...
There do seem to be a few of us who'd have difficulties with a lot of colour, motion or multiple icons above threads as well as a fair number who find those things useful.  Is there any real need for more than 2 or 3 options to suit the vast majority of members?

Dic Penderyn:
I have so far changed my avatar at least twice when other users found them difficult to cope with, it is not a problem the users concerned contacted me by PM and I was happy to oblige if you have a problem with a particular avatar just ask the user concerned explaining what the difficulty is and they will probably change it.

Sunshine Meadows:

Ahh I see okay to see how other themes look and to save the changes to a different one go to your Profile and do the following:

Profile >Modify Profile > Look and Layout >

Where it says    Current Theme:      Forum or Board Default click on (change)

On the next page you can choose to preview or use any of the themes shown.



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