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How to make the font larger in the reply box?

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The font in this box is really small and I would so like to enlarge it.

The font on the page and webpages are fine.  But the reply box font is too small.   :-(

Above the smilies is a load of boxes. There's a drop down box (second one in) called font size. Click on that and choose your font size.

That does mean that the actual post goes onto the board in large font, though - Sunshine and I were discussing the use of font size earlier and we do prefer that it's kept to standard if possible, as changes of text appearance can be distracting on a thread (and like block capitals, large font may come over like 'shouting'!)

The drop-down box embeds instructions in the text to change the font size when people read the post... and not the edit box. I'm going to hazard a guess that the problem here is that the default edit box text is too small.

If you're on Chrome or Firefox then there's some "make all the text bigger/smaller" keys. On UNIX it's control and plus/minus. On the Mac it's command plus/minus. On Windows it might be either control or windows  and plus/minus. That's definitely only a rendering change. There's also a menu option (under view) for this.

There's also, in both browsers, an option to set a minimum text size. If you set this to (say) 14 or 16 or even larger, when a website says "do this in really really small", your web-browser will just say "erm. No." and do it in normal size text.

On my version of Firefox it's under Edit/Preferences, then pick Content at the top, then look for Fonts and click Advanced... and there's a "Minimum font size" selector.

For Chrome it's spanner/settings/show advanced settings and then "web content" and push "customize fonts". Scroll down in that window and; minimum font size.

Thanks folks.  But I'm not on Fire Fox or Chrome.

I have updated to IE8.

I used to be on IE7 which had brilliant a brilliant font for reply boxes and Hotmail etc.

But IE8 font is too small and I just cannot work out how to change it.

How do I change the browser setting?


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