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Lock topic button?

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It only shows the lock topic at the bottom of threads I've made. So, I can't lock this thread; but can lock any I've made.

Interesting - it's beginning to sound like the option's been there for a while, possibly for everyone...

Good lord, we could have had havoc on here  >yikes<  >biggrin<

Thanks, Sofie  >thumbsup<

Sunny Clouds:
Want more buttons!  Wanna play!  Wanna cause havoc!

Just shows how well-behaved most of the posters are, doesn't it? 
If someone starts a topic & doesn't like the answer they get, has anyone actually locked it? 
You'd probably have noticed if that was happening, Kizzy.  >lol<


--- Quote from: Sunny Clouds on 28 Jun 2012 06:38PM ---Want more buttons!  Wanna play!  Wanna cause havoc!

--- End quote ---



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