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--- Quote ---Firefox 3.6 !!!! gosh it is more than likely your system sit up did something rather than anything here. Is there any reason you have not upgraded at least to Firefox 7?
--- End quote ---
Just that it's been less bother than later versions, some tried and then rejected...
Windows XP regular update last week, with no problems afterwards.
Updated Firefox's plug-ins and extensions then as well.
The old Firefox browser hasn't had a significant problem with any websites till yesterday. Still doesn't, on any others. That's why I was curious if there had been an alteration last night to this site....
(btw, using an Explorer clone for reading and posting on "Ouch" now, and it's fine)

Run the latest versions of everything on our laptop (Toshiba Satellite P750-114); but dislike the design path which browsers as a whole have taken this last while; Opera proved to be the most retro-configurable.

Looked at the error-console in the old Firefox; seems like it's obsolescence has finally caught up with it in something it cannot ignore....


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