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Queries and complaints about the new format (retitled)

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When registering, a tick box asked "Allow members to email".  Does that mean email to our private email address or send pm's to this site? Thanks.

Sunshine Meadows:

I checked this earlier today and when you send a PM to someone it is also sent to the persons private email account as a notification that you have a PM. The address shown on the email is not you personal address but, so your privacy is kept intact.

I have another member account on here called Quietly Loud and I used that to look at your profile and I can not see you email address. I sent you a PM using the Quietly Loud account :-)

Forcing a refresh did clear the 'new' flag. Not quite as convenient but usable. Thanks.

Sunshine Meadows:

Thanks for letting me know and there is a possibility it will improve when I upgrade the hosting package which I will be doing soon.

Three comments.

1: First a solution to persistent New flag. I find that using the browser Back function (is I am accustomed to) does not clear the 'new' flag without a refresh but using the group link (e.g. >> Talk >>) in the paths at the top and bottom of the page does. I can learn to do that.

2: When using the 'Show unread posts since last visit' link, on choosing the topic to visit the group link appears but no path back to the unread list. This time I have to use back or select the 'unread' option from the top of the page which means scrolling up. Is there a way of dong this directly. The latest option is useful for a quick review.

This list is a bit slow too as I guess it has be compiled each time it is shown.

3: When using Quick reply I find that system seems to stall does not seem to post the reply and return topic being replied to. i either have pick the group link or use the browser Back.

The post is made just seem to stick. I don't think it should do this. does it happen to others. Using Vista & IE7.


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