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Queries and complaints about the new format (retitled)

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I thought we should have a thread were users could report problems or queries using the board.

First one.

The 'new' flag on topics does not seem to clear after a thread has been read, at least not immediately. This worked ok under Aimoo and I found it very useful to keep track of what I had read whilst going through a particular heading.

Good idea for a thread, OldTone - sorry I can't answer that particular query at the moment as I'm mainly getting conversant with the moderation software,  but I'm sure Sunshine will be along later  >thumbsup<

Hi, could anyone tell me if there is a way for me to make the background of the message/post text column white rather than blue/grey? I'm having difficulty reading the text on this background colour as the colours are too close.

thanks OoS

Sunshine Meadows:

Great idea for a thread.

Have you tried F5 to refresh the page as you are looking at it.
I have not noticed a slowness to the new tags coming up but everyones computer has different settings and a different connection speed. I have up to 50 mb broadband which we get mates rates because if where Mr Sunshine works.

Another really good option we have here are the two links under your name at the top left hand side. Give them a try and tell me if you find them helpful.

Outof Spoons,

I am using a pre existing template for this message board and the whole thing was installed on mass to the server. I will trry to find out about changing the background colour but it may be a while before I know how to do it.  :-(

Thanks Sunshine  :-)


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