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Where is the Today Page?

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Sunshine Meadows:
With Aimoo we had a Today page button at the top of the page. here things are a little different but it is easy enough to bookmark/favourite the link to Most recent posts on the Forum.

See below  >thumbsup<

There are two options the first is just a list of titles that Guests see (the first thumbnail) and the second is very much like the old Aimoo Today Page with the added bonus of having more pages to view.

This is the first option:

The second option is reached by being logged in as a member and clickc on ' View most recent posts in the forum'.

See screen shot below and then screenshot in the next post.


Second screen shot :-)

Sunshine Meadows:
I see why Deb was asking about this now because the link to post recent posts is not available from within the catergories eg Talk and Cafe etc. You have to be on the Homepage to see it.


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