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Quiet in here, is everyone OK?

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Sunny Clouds:

I've been struggling so not visiting the board daily as I normally would. Feeling slightly brighter today though, just hoping it isn't just a 'blip' of improvement and hoping it's a sign I may be starting to climb out of this hole. We'll see. Yesterday I left the house to collect medication and it was definitely warmer. Is spring on its way?

Sunny Clouds:
Well if spring's on its way where you are, could you send it here, please?  I had a mask in my pocket and went to put it on to go into a shop on my way home and found it totally sodden.  Fortunately, I'd got another in my bag.

Come to think of it, though, the flowers will like the rain.  Give it a few days until they've had enough here, and we can go swaps.  You can have our rain and we'll have your sunshine.

Hope your spring has arrived by now, Sunny and anyone else who's been waiting - we had lots of rain last week, but now the sun has been shining steadily for the past four days with the promise of more to come, so things can start drying up a bit! 

I've not been around much lately (trying to catch up with other stuff, including cleaning) but I'm never too far away, still keeping a beady eye on you all  :f_winkeye:

Sunny Clouds:
Yup, we've got sunshine and my daffodils have gone wild, as have local birds who are determined that my deafness and their distance from me in the trees won't get in the way of being informed that they're out for some good 'relationships'. 

I've been feeling very, very low but kindness here and elsewhere keeps me going, plus the knowledge that others are somehow still keeping going despite having a rough time.

Yesterday, I went to London for an anti-racism march.  I was struggling to get it together to do it, and some people online offered to phone me to chivvy me.  I accepted an offer and got a cheerful telephone nudge at half past six in the morning.

Sadly, though, when on Wednesday I went to meet the bereaved friend I mentioned upthread, they never turned up.  After I'd been there for about 15 min,  I bought my meal, which was over a tenner, not least because I don't think it's fair to occupy a seat and table without spending money.  But I rarely eat out, so I wouldn't spend that much if I wasn't meeting someone.

When I phoned after to ask what happened, they snapped at me for asking, then said they'd decided not to come because of the heavy rain.  I made empathetic noises and found that they're really struggling, but also that they have a lot of complaints about what others aren't doing for them.

I don't like to be hard-nosed about it, but too often in life I've made too many allowances for people not treating me with basic respect, and that person also messed me about on two previous occasions about different things, so as far as I'm concerned, it's not just bereavement. 

So next time, firm rules.  We arrange to meet on a sheltered seat in a public place before going for a coffee or whatever, and if they're not there by ten minutes after agreed time, I don't wait.

Anyway, for me, it's a bit more of life survived and I'll make more totally unoriginal huggy noises to you lovely fellow Ouchers.



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