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Can you ride tandem?



Sunny Clouds:
Love it!

Hello Sunny Cloud's

In all serious I think it should have a perdestrian catcher (just as early Amrican train's had cow catcher's that or segrageted scooter lanes but with little permiter wall's to stop forigen bodie's abstate mindly crossing over like car's in to cycyle lane's

Sunny Clouds:
What about a combination between that double scooter and a snowplough?

Mind you, I've never seen manual wheelchairs in the same way since someone on BBC Ouch said they'd like to have blades/scythes sticking out of their wheels like Boudicca's chariot. When I used to use a white cane, I sometimes thought that Ambutec, which sells tips for their canes like golf ball tip, mushroom tip, roverwheel etc. should also do a sharp knife tip for their white canes for getting through crowds.

Oh dear, now I have a dreadful mental image. Where I am, we have a frustrating pavement parking problem.  I think a lot of drivers do make an effort not to park too far across the pavement, but some are inconsiderate wotsits.  What about a mobility scooter with a device that would shove cars off pavements and key access routes for people with mobility aids?  I'd love to see a disabled person sailing down one of my local residential roads leaving a load of cars tipped on their sides in the road.


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