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Well ventilated toilet

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OMG, who thought it was a good idea to place a loo in that position?!!!

Though it's a great view to take in for anyone having a sit-down visit  :f_laugh:

Sunny Clouds:
Still, it's always good to keep the windows open to blow the viruses and other germs away.

I'm not clear about what's where, though.  Is that the hand-wash facility I see about halfway down near the left?  A bit of a trek.  And where are the grab rails and pull cord for disabled trekkers? 

Come to think of it, shouldn't it be marked with sex/gender these days?  A loo isn't a loo any more without a proper fight over who's allowed to use it.  (No, I'm not inviting anyone here to fight over what's male/female/can't-agree.)

Who wants the contract to empty the septic tank?


--- Quote from: Monic1511 on 01 Mar 2022 01:08PM ---Who wants the contract to empty the septic tank?

--- End quote ---

In my experience such bush thunderboxes  are of the "dry" compostable  type, using earth or sawdust. Inside can just be a dustbin and with a lid to be put on when it is full and needs changing.


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