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National Chocolate Day

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So as it's National Chocolate Day it's made me think of my favourite type of choccie.
I've quite got into Cadbury Dark Milk lately. Very moreish.  :f_choc:

What's your sweet treat?

Sunny Clouds:
I'm trying to get my head round the mentality of this.  I just looked it up.  National Chocolate Cake Day.  What goes through the minds of people to have a National Chocolate Cake Day on UNESCO's annual International Holocaust Remembrance Day?

Maybe the mental association between a holocaust image and a chocolate cake image is what I needed to put me off chocolate cake.


--- Quote ---What goes through the minds of people to have a National Chocolate Cake Day on UNESCO's annual International Holocaust Remembrance Day?
--- End quote ---
:f_doh: someone didn't do their homework, did they?

I think National Chocolate Day sounds good enough without the addition of cake - my sweet treat at the moment (among many others) is/are Wilko's Belgian choc coins, especially as after Christmas they have been reduced to half-price  :f_magic: Bought 10 nets of the things the week before last, should last me until spring...

Sunny Clouds:
When I looked it up, I found a list of different sorts of national chocolate days.  I assume, but haven't researched it, that they were a marketing idea thought up by the UK chocolate product retail industry.

Brief growl about annual days of whatever - whilst I fully accept that some days are logically a particular date, chosen for or in remembrance of a particular event, a particular day of the month, e.g. first Thursday or whatever, makes better sense for most things.

It can be pretty horrid if someone very close to you dies and the date of their death coincides with national what-they-died-of day.  I say that whilst still aware that for some, the sense that awareness of a condition is being raised may bring consolation.

Sudden giggle - I just looked up a list of national days for the coming year.

April Fool's Day launches Stress Awareness Month and National Pet Month. 

This year, World Cocktail Day is the same as National Numeracy Day - are you counting how many cocktails it takes you to get drunk?

There are more to be found out there on different sites.  There you go, something to stop me grumbling about special days that coincide.

I love that list of days! Ironically the thankful day is the anniversary of my Dad's death but as I mulled that over I liked that as I am very thankful that he was my Dad. As I saw a stress awareness month I thought that I must only be aware of stress for a month in each year! Then later in the year there's a stress awareness Day!

Unless it's a misprint, we all have to neuter our bitches on the one day a year!


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