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Bit shocked about Boris's announcement that he's looking at ending self isolation for people who are Covid+ in March! People will be walking amongst us WITH Covid! How is this going to affect the clinically vulnerable if this plan goes ahead?

We really are moving into full herd immunity plan.

Having got over the shock of all things Covid ending on March 26th, with the exception that Covid will still be around, I have talked to a few people including NHS workers and feel that it may be proportionate. My younger son and wife currently have Covid, they both feel like they have a cold and are both unable to go to a shop, can't get a delivery slot and are a bit stumped. To think in March they'd be just going to work as normal is a bizarre thought after the last two years. With no need to isolate there's no need to test so no more PCRs or LFTs unless you are admitted to hospital. We'll therefore have no numbers.

It all feels surreal, almost two years to the day of lockdown one.


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