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I have just had a phone consultation with my rheumatologist and we were supposed to be discussing me restarting my psoriatic arthritis meds after having to come off them due to low white blood cell count. I've been off them since the beginning of the year and don't I know it! 
We were also due to have a chat about a recent MRI on my neck and spine. I had a blood test last week in preparation for the appointment so my results would be up to date. 

The key point of the appointment was my blood test result, which clearly shows that my iron levels have now plummeted dangerously low. My iron levels have been a cause for concern for some time, perhaps over 18months now and getting increasingly worse. I have been waiting for three years for a gastro consultant to see me. My rheumatologist has intervened before and is going to again. He thinks I have some sort of gastric bleed as I have so much pain and bloating, plus I'm in excess of 10 years post menopausal and I'm not vegetarian. I don't eat much red meat, but eat protein and a limited range of veg each day. Some veg and fruit has me doubling over as soon as it hits my stomach. I can't eat citrus fruit anymore and onions are definitely out! It's not IBS, the doctors have ruled that out. My rheumatologist thinks that the GI issues and possible bleed are probably due to a combination of EDS and PsA. Both conditions have gastro complications listed as common comorbidities. 
So the result of all this is that I now need an iron infusion. They wanted me to come in today but I can't get to the hospital without my husband taking me; it's too far to get to by taxi. So I'm going in tomorrow afternoon. 

Has anyone else had an iron infusion? I was wondering what to expect. 

Then in the evening I'm going out for my second Covid jab! I had an allergic reaction to the first one so I could be in for interesting times.  :f_laugh:

Wow, don't I know how to live?  :f_winkeye:

Sunny Clouds:
Wrong way round - you need to have the jab first so if you get a bad reaction, you've already got an appointment at the hospital and they can hook you up to hardcore anti-allergicky stuff in one arm, and become-a-magnet stuff in the other arm.

(Couldn't resist.  Hope it all goes well.)


That made me chuckle Sunny  :f_laugh:
Thank you.  I needed that! I'm so bloody knackered at the moment, what with battling with the usual chronic fatigue and daytime sleepiness from the idiopathic hypersomnia, acute iron deficiency is the last thing I need  :f_doh:

I'm hoping this iron infusion will perk me up and give me a bit more oomph!

Sunny Clouds:
I hope the next time you post here, it's to say it's all gone well and you're perking up.

I haven’t had an iron infusion, but was on ferrous iron meds for a while.  I was anaemic, and, I’m still borderline.  I was sent for GI tests, as they thought I had a gastric bleed.  However, apart from a hiatus hernia nothing showed up.  I’m not a vegetarian either.  The fatigue I suffered when quite low was awful.  I still go that way if my iron levels dip.  Some people think anaemia is nothing to worry about.  In my case, I developed mouth ulcers, and, my hair was shedding.  Luckily, I’ve always had thick hair, so, it wasn’t too bad.  I can’t stomach iron meds very well.  The ferrous fumerate ones were the only ones that worked for me.  I’m on feroglobin at the moment to keep my bloods stable.  I hope you get sorted soon, having anaemia isn’t good at all.


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