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Sunny Clouds:
I recently started a thread and I was sure I'd started it in the 3am area and I've only just realised it's in the news area.  There's a lot I wouldn't have said if I'd realised where it was.  Is it possible to get it moved?

Sunshine Meadows:
Sorry about the delay in answering. I can only see one recent thread started in News by you so I will move it to 3am and if I picked the wrong one I will move it back - Just let me kno okay?

Sunny Clouds:
Sunshine to the rescue!  Thanks.

My apologies for missing this as I might not have been online on the day you posted your request, Sunny - typical  >doh<

Sunny Clouds:
It was me that didn't pay attention to what I was posting where, so it's me that owes the apologies.



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