Author Topic: I bet On the Edge will agree (charities)  (Read 1339 times)

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I bet On the Edge will agree (charities)
« on: 06 Jul 2019 05:03PM »
I see in Disability News Service that several key disability charities (i.e. typically ones run principally by non-disabled people) are refusing to back the Jodie Whiting petition, the exception being Mind.

We may disagree on certain fundamental principles about the existence of charities, most of which aren't big names, but I think there'd be no disagreement that the loyalities of these supposed disability charities are in the wrong place.

I'm actually surprised over Mind speaking up because they often don't on things, but they're also getting more active over other issues.
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Re: I bet On the Edge will agree (charities)
« Reply #1 on: 07 Jul 2019 09:12PM »
Link to Disability News Service article:

Doesn't say much for those particular 'charities', does it?

The lukewarm response to the petition is likely to highlight concerns among grassroots groups that many of the disability charities that are run by non-disabled people are too close to the government, and particularly to DWP.

That is a worrying thought. 

Good for 'Mind' for making a stand  >thumbsup<