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Hello JH2

If the Torie's are fighting among est them self it will not be long before Labour are fighting amongst as they seem to copy each other  them self's (~lack of creative thought) so I might vote GREEN we have to break out of tit for tat
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« Last post by Sunny Clouds on 12 Jun 2021 12:30PM »
I think my browser must be too out of date, because that link keeps crashing it.  I tried a different browser but the link didn't work (I was probably copying it wrong). As it happens, I'm looking to buy a new laptop, and that would be up-to-date.

So I'll sort my computer stuff then I'll try and tiktok-ify myself. 

Oh dear, and yes, I have just looked online at a couple of websites that explain how to do it.

So it's not number one priority, but it's on my list now.  It had better be worth it. :f_winkeye:
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« Last post by Sunshine Meadows on 12 Jun 2021 11:58AM »
I hope you are having a good weekend.

This will give you a better idea of what I see on TikTok Link I guess it is linke a cross between You Tube and Twitter. I did not have any vidoes of my own for a long time and people do get that there are people who watch and comment without making their own content. 

It is just an option I have been using there is  not going to be an Ouch Too account over there. :f_smiley:
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« Last post by Sunny Clouds on 11 Jun 2021 01:25PM »
China scares me for its surveillance, but then in this country we have surveillance of people, just not quite so obviously.

I still get a wry smile over those people that object to wearing masks because they think it limits their freedom, whilst I think "Good, it reduces the effectiveness of facial recognition technology."  Oh well,  when we stop wearing anti-virus face masks, we can go back to wearing 'Anonymous' masks.

We do have an extremely high concentration of CCTV cameras in the UK, higher, I believe, than most countries.  Various police forces have been experimenting with facial recognition, which worries me, not least because even computers can get it wrong.

An aspect of that that left me shaking my head wearily, was when I saw a documentary online not many years ago exploring facial recognition systems.  For instance, it touched on things like the way the systems tend to recognise European/Western people better than African & Afro-Caribbean people. 

Then it reported on something dotty - a computer programme devised by some Israeli lads, which they were selling to foreign security forces, which allegedly could pick out likely terrorists from their faces.  I looked at it.  Hmm, typically Arabic-appearance faces.  I found myself screaming at my computer "Ask your grandparents what racial stereotyping leads to!"  (For the avoidance of doubt, I'd have felt the same if someone had designed a programme stereotyping Jews and/or Israelis.)

It's as if we've come full circle to small villages where everyone knew, or thought they knew, everyone else's secrets.  Just as in small villages, that could go wrong, in modern society, it can.

And more and more and more, I cling onto the sense that our only fightback is ordinary people reaching out to neighbours, sharing kindness and tolerance at grass roots level.

But who knows, maybe there'll be strong leadership in what I'll call a new Niceness Party.
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« Last post by Fiz on 11 Jun 2021 12:32PM »
Yes I think there are people who 'debate' because they enjoy the verbal conquest rather than they hold a particular view. There's someone that I knew from a now closed forum like that whom I have not got involved with on social media because I felt the heated debate was what they were after and I dislike conflict.

I was reading about a previous cast member from the soap Neighbours who is suing the company that make the programme for racism. She is of aboriginal descent and when I read her allegations I felt they were harsh but I have learnt from them myself. One complaint was that a cast member in off screen conversations with other cast members used the term "slave driver" which she said was racist. I may have used that term myself in the past and had never thought of it as racist but I can understand that it is and I definitely wouldn't use that phrase myself in the future. I wasn't present when the cast member used the phrase but I would assume it had been used in ignorance with no racist intent. 

My son travelled to China and as part of his trip to the Embassy for his Visa he had to declare his social media account details so he deleted his Twitter account because he's quite political!  :f_laugh:
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« Last post by Sunny Clouds on 11 Jun 2021 11:02AM »
It sounds like it to me, based on my limited knowledge of the situation, and that sort of thing can rebound.  Taking stuff too far is, if I've correctly understood, part of what very understandably gets the back up of people like OtE to the extent that a word like woke ends up being used as a negative word.

For me, an absurdity I think of in this sort of discussion is something on another messageboard.  A while back, on one of various Archers boards I've posted on since the BBC one closed, someone who'd only posted on that board a couple of times suddenly popped up and said accusingly that what I'd just said wasn't what I'd said before (i.e. on another Archers board, probably the BBC one).  I was bewildered and said words to the effect that I'd thought the whole point of discussing and debating was to learn and modify our views on things.

It was a salutary reminder for me that some people - and I've no idea what proportion of people - have precious little sense they might change their views.  That then poses the question - do they debate because they think they can change other people's views or do they just want to pick a fight?
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« Last post by Fiz on 11 Jun 2021 03:01AM »
I agree sunny. I think it right that Ollie apologise for his previous racist language and to state that it was wrong and then move on. He's still suspended from cricket and I think that is harsh.
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« Last post by Sunny Clouds on 10 Jun 2021 03:36PM »
I didn't know anything about the Ollie thing until mentioned here, but I just looked it up.  It seems wrong to me to judge someone on the basis of behaviour that far back without considering more recent behaviour.  To me, it's important for the survival of the human species at every level that we maintain a sense that people can change and adapt.
Talk / Re: Thinking of you all
« Last post by Fiz on 10 Jun 2021 02:43PM »
I agree that the term Woke is used negatively and I don't like that. And being woke is a good thing.

Having discovered what Ollie wrote in his tweets, I don't feel his comment about women who are gamers being better in bed than non gamers to be sexist. It might have been his experience! But I'm not young and I clearly remember when young that the 'n' word was out of bounds and not suitable language and his tweet was relatively recent so that term was racist and inappropriate and he should/would have known that when he tweeted. Obviously then he had no idea he would be famous or that people would trawl through his social media looking for headline news.
Talk / Re: Thinking of you all
« Last post by Sunny Clouds on 10 Jun 2021 12:33PM »
This is the current issue with those cricket players, having said something a bit silly as a teen the righteous indignation area trawl years back to make them racists or homophobic etc and they can lose jobs and everything.  I'm pretty sure if I was some sort of celeb they would find a number of things said they could have fun with, but I never regret and never apologise, I am aware once you say something online it's there to be misinterpreted anyway.  I just aired on my blog an old B/W film of deaf children in 1954, and it was by current 'norms' now totally racist, but you have to allow for different times and attitudes, next week what we believe now will be against some grain or other too.  It's WOKE rule by the witch hunters.  We have gone too far in interpreting inclusion, diversity, acceptances,  and access, like BLM it was hijacked by the extremes and now works against us all.  Every label and tag is another nail in our equality coffin.
I agree that you have to interpret things in terms of the time in which they happened, whilst looking at how we might do things differently now.

It can be such a delicate balance, not least because if you get into the field of politics, you get such an odd mix of people doing things that some thought were ok and some thought weren't but pretended were ok etc.  E.g. the history of Black slavery in what I'll call the Western-led empires.  I believe that some White people in the past genuinely believed that  Black people didn't have the same feelings and thoughts as White people, for example, thinking that Black people didn't feel pain or exhaustion as much as White people do; whereas other White people knew and didn't care; and yet more White people didn't know but didn't care to find out.  Important to tease it out not so much for condemning or praising the past, but for moving forward.

As for 'woke', I don't like the way that term has been weaponised.  I'm not ashamed to say I'm woke.  As for BLM, I'll stand alongside people of colour who are now woke to their rights.  Incidentally, there's no need to capitalise it just because it's a dialect word.  If a British English term. i.e. woken or awake were used instead of the African American woke, would you capitalise it?  Or maybe for a better analogy, if a Gaelic or Welsh term were used by Celtic British people to say they're awake to their rights, would you capitalise it?

As someone with ethnic minority heritage, before BLM became prominent I marched on anti-racism demos and campaigned in other ways, and as far as I'm concerned, I stand united with people of colour who are having the courage to say they're now woke(n) to their rights.
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