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Re: Dogs
« Reply #15 on: 26 Sep 2022 11:15AM »
I'm not too sure how much it will cost in the long run Kizzy. There seems to be a wide selection of low fat dog foods available in the pet shops and I'm going shopping tomorrow to check some out and see which ones the fussy little bugger likes  :f_laugh:
He's so much better than he was and almost back to his old self. Last night we caught him trying to raid the fruit bowl (he loves apples and pears) and this morning he ate his first carrot in weeks. He usually has a carrot with his breakfast and dinner as a treat but he's been off them since last month.

Last week you could see his ribs sticking through where he had lost so much weight and I'm pleased to say that he's now got a little bit more coverage over his body this week. We're having to feed him four small meals a day and he's not amused by the size of the portions  :f_laugh:  He's ravenous and I'm having to try and stop him scavenging and getting back to his old tricks!

It's an absolute joy to have my old boy back to his old naughty self  :heart:


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Re: Dogs
« Reply #16 on: 27 Sep 2022 04:28PM »
Trying to raid the fruit bowl  :f_laugh: :f_laugh:
Good to know he's putting on weight - and misbehaving again  :thumbsup: