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Sunny Clouds:
I appear to have a lock topic button on threads I started.  I'm posting this so I can find out if it actually works.

Sunny Clouds:
Ooh, it does!  The reply button disappears when I click on lock topic.  How fun!  Now I can start lots of threads saying provocative and scandalous things and people won't be able to answer me back until Sunshine and Kizzy catch me and give me a slap on the wrist...

 >lol<  Gotcha  >devil<

I've never logged in as a 'non-mod' member, so I haven't seen what's available and what's not, but I know SM has a second 'ordinary member' account so she can check technical issues - I've PM-ed her about this, must be some kind of fault  >tah<

I noticed this a while back.

 >lol< at Sunny Clouds.

Sofie - you have one too?  What else does it show at the bottom of a thread for you?


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