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i just know how to google go on forums and email thats all

Sunshine Meadows:

A browser is like Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome.
When you use ctrl + does the text on screen get bigger, but as it makes the whole page bigger you end up having to 'scroll' from left to right and back again?

It is possible to just increase the text size which should help. It does seem like you are using Internet Explorer, if you can see options like

File Edit View in the top left hand corner click on View and then look in the list that appears and click on Text Size then choose either large or largest. If you dont like it just go back to View then Text size and change it back.

Let me kn ow how you get on.

yep it makes the whole page bigger that i had to go from left to right.  i saw the file edit and view and done what you said and its worked only the writing got bigger >cool< >magicfairy< >magic< thanks Sunshinemeadows >thumbsup< and i pickd the largest  >rainbow<

this is so good now it makes it far eaiser to read >hugs<

I'm so glad that you have found a way of making the forum easier for you to read, Pink  >thumbsup<


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