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Sunshine Meadows:

I am okay with getting donations up to the cost of running Ouch Too for the coming year, but I think if someone has already made a donation then it is okay to leave it as that.

Go Daddy are sneaking in that there prices do change depending on offers and when you make an order so it might cost a bit more than I said in the opening post but I am okay with that because I can put in £100.

I will be back with exact figures when I have got it done.  :f_smiley: :thumbsup: :62_62:

Thanks for the clarification!

I know that last year's donations retained a credit on the year ahead so I am hopeful that we'll reach this year's final.

Sunshine Meadows:
Here is the link to last years Donations thread

Fiz, you are right in a way but also wrong because I renewed the SMF message editor prolicense. I do seem to remember there was one year about £80 was carried forward and another where someone donated mid year.

DD,  :thumbsup:

Sunshine Meadows:
Okay so that is bought and paid for  :f_smiley:

I did not get any discounts on the main stuff  :f_sadface: but the SSL offer was 1 year for £69.99 or two years for £44.99 each year

RTF balance is £86.19 and the total bill is £227.96 so I paid the difference  :f_smiley:

The original amount I quoted did not include  a couple of things eg Privacy and Protection means anyone can't just look up my name and address which is attached to the website.

The Invoice is here  :see_attachment:


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