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Sunshine Meadows:
........ so the bill for renewal of Go Daddy services is due at the start of March. After what happened yesterday I do feel that coming here saved me from completely going down the rabbit hole so whether people make donations or not Ouch Too will be here for another year.

If you are able to and wish to donate click here to donate using Paypal. If you don't have Paypal and have a Access All Areas membership I will sort a way for the option to pay by cheque.

The total cost for the coming year is £153.72 and donations will anonymous this time. As usual once the amount is achieved I will announce it and donations can stop.



Sunshine Meadows:
Donations have reached £90 which amounts to £86.19 after Paypal fees thank you all  :biggrin: :heart:

As far as hosting goes it will just be a matter of renewing the plan so I don't need to install anything. The SSL certificate will need installing and I have to remind myself how to do that from notes I made a year ago. It will be okay. If A message comes up saying Ouch Too is unsafe you will need to continue through that page. If that happens it will be resolved quickly because I simplified much of the website stuff last year.

Will that be enough for the coming year Sunshine or are more donations needed?


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