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Dog's been poorly

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Our daft dog, Benji the Basset hound, ate something he shouldn't have done!
This won't come as any great surprise to those of you who have followed the antics of our bassets over the years  :f_laugh:

This time he out did himself and ate a raw potato. Raw potatoes are severely toxic to dogs, cooked ones aren't. We didn't know this.
The day after eating it he lay on his bed, listless and unhappy. Not interested in food at all and we had to move his water bowl next to his bed and encourage him to drink. The only way to get him outside for a wee was to put his lead on him while he was in bed and then he would get up, find the closest patch of grass, have a wee and turn round to come inside. I tried to get an appointment at the vet and couldn't get one for two days (lots of staff off with Covid) so I booked the first available appointment.
Fortunately, with plenty of rest and water he recovered before needing to go to the vets.

Interestingly though, my husband was recounting this incident in the plumbers merchant and a fellow plumber said the same thing happened to their dog, except they ended up with a £500 vet bill and said about the toxicity of potatoes. A plumbers merchant is not just a place to buy supplies; it's the fount of all knowledge  :biggrin:


A raw potato?  He could have found something more appetising to get sick on.... like the Staffie I read about in the news who'd eaten no less than six packs of chocolate coins, foil and all  :f_yikes: Thankfully he/she was operated on quickly and is OK - glad to know your Benji is also none the worse for his self-inflicted ordeal!
Great pic, Lankou  :f_laugh:

Glad he's recovered!

My sister's Springer ate hot cross buns at Easter off the kitchen worktop and currants are highly toxic to dogs and that cost her £500 and wasn't covered by her pet insurance!

My dog just eats every toy I buy her. Bought her one for £9 today and she'd shredded it in 10 minutes and it was made by a company called indestructibles  :f_erm:

Sunny Clouds:
At least being a dog not a cat, Benji probably just felt ill rather than both feeling ill and blaming you for it.


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