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Don't worry about it Sunny!  I've discovered that the world of headaches is many and varied.
I ended up being referred to the Neurological Hospital in London where I am seen by a team specialising in headaches. The neurologist at my local hospital insisted that all my problems were due to taking pain killers and she said that if I wasn't prepared to stop taking them then there wasn't anything further she could do for me. My rheumatologist was furious!
Anyway, on referral to London I ended up being diagnosed with not only cluster headaches, but idiopathic intracranial hypertension, chronic migraines with auras, and ocular migraines. Nothing was said about my pain meds at all.
It's quite a juggling act keeping my head in one piece, and combined with the sleep deprivation from the narcolepsy and associated symptoms and chronic pain life can certainly be interesting at times!

Cluster headaches are by far the worst headaches I experience out of all of them.

Sunny Clouds:
Ugh, what a painful set of conditions.



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