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The three conversations model

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My post included an scie link to full explanation but it appears tiny in comparison to my text but is there

(SCIE = Social Care Institute for Excellence) *ironic laugh*
All sounds like a load of old toot to me  :f_erm:

Sunny Clouds:
I'd like to mention that while the link may show up on other people's screens, and whilst I've already got my screen magnified, I had to enlarge it to 300% (see note below) screen size to realise that the link was what had looked like just a line. 

I wonder why it came out so small? Is there a setting I can adjust on this site that would show links larger or with a symbol next to them without making the rest of the text bigger?

ETA - experimentation shows that I can see it by enlarging to 250%.  But it was a nightmare trying to read stuff even at that, because once I'd enlarged it, some text disappeared completely off my screen, even when I scrolled.  The site would be unusable if I kept my screen set when on it to large enough to distinguish between a line and that link.

I've added links before which have been clearly visible. I've no idea why this particular link is so tiny and I can understand why people missed it. My post must have appeared bizarre without it!


--- Quote from: Sunny Clouds on 23 Sep 2021 05:20PM ---It's the current in-thing in social work assessments.  The government promotes it.

Basically the three 'conversations' are (copied & pasted) -

Conversation 1: “How can I connect you to the things that will help you get on with your life –

--- End quote ---

£1 million in used notes in a suitcase.


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