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Fibromyalgia - autoimmune condition?

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Sunny Clouds:

--- Quote ---I hope I haven't come across as dismissing mental health issues by welcoming the news that the origins of fibro may be autoimmune.
--- End quote ---
That wasn't how it came across and I'm sorry if my reply could have given the impression I took it that way.

My reference to mental stuff was simply to point out the overlaps, including the inadequately explored and treated issues relating to immune system, inflammation, post-disease damage etc., and also how it's very easy to dismiss something as 'not real' if there's thought to be a mental element, which doesn't just negatively affect people whose disorders are primarily mental in their nature, but also those whose disorders are primarily physical in their nature.

My views are strongly influenced by my belief that I think that often mental versus physical is a false dichotomy and lots of people suffer from it.  I'd hate to have fibro, not just for the symptoms, but also for the attitudes towards it.

Analogy.  I was first diagnosed with manic depression in the early seventies, but in the early '00s, I was twice briefly provisionally diagnosed as having borderline personality disorder.  I noticed a marked change in attitude towards the same symptoms.  I have had friends over the years with BPD.  The way they are treated is, in my opinion, all too often utterly disgusting.

So how your condition is seen, the social and professional attitudes towards it, make a massive difference and it bugs me.

Would you forgive another analogy?  I'll make a fresh post to 'chunk' my posts...

Sunny Clouds:
Another analogy (yes, another mental one, but about the need to separate judgement/attitude from treatment).

There's a bloke I know who sometimes pops up online in a panic.  He says some people he refers to are threatening to kill him.  My response is the sort I've given to various people.

"You and have different views on what's happening but it makes no difference.  I believe your mind is playing tricks, based on other sorts of genuine stressors in your life, and if I'm right, what's needed is something to relieve your distress, not only for the sake of your mental wellbeing, but to prevent you having a heart attack or stroke or something.  You find your usual pills, what's described as an antipsychotic but which I personally believe to be simply a major tranquilliser works for you, so why not take some?

"Of course, I could be completely wrong, and maybe they are threatening to murder you.  But if they are, they've been making these threats for years and so are unlikely to do it, but rather are just trying to intimidate you, in which case the real threat of harm is the same as if they weren't real, which in the past you've tackled the same way."

I've checked with him when he's feeling ok and he's happy with this.

My point is that it's all too easy for people to focus more on whether something's 'real' or, depending on the condition, 'imaginary', 'madness', 'laziness', 'timewasting' or whatever, instead of helping it.

Sunny Clouds:

--- Quote ---One area of developing research that fascinates me, is the role of gut flora on the health of the brain, nervous system, and other organs and bodily functions.
--- End quote ---
Yes, underrated aspect of our health, I believe.

Cynical hat on again - given that some of the research into this was pre-war (no, seriously,  partly relating to obesity, but not only that), I think the lack of progress in it has been at least in part due to the fact that pushing this explanation has no political advantage, and has no financial advantage for food and drug producers.

Maybe more rebellion?  I confess my diet is utter rubbish.  I've tried again and again to improve it and am in the midst of trying again.  Who knows what if any help you'll get with your fibro, but you've just given me an extra prompt to try harder myself with healthy eating.

I like the analogies Sunny. 

I think that healthy eating is only a small part of gut health. Overuse of antibiotics and medications definitely play a role in it and I have recently tried to combat it by introducing fermented water into my diet. I'm under investigation for GI problems at the moment and still waiting to see a gastroenterologist, and cannot tolerate fermented foods, however fermented water is fine. I find it very tasty with the added fruits. It's very expensive though. You can make your own apparently but my fatigue and sleepiness prevent me from being able to do anything like this. It's well worth checking out if sauerkraut and it's ilk are not to your liking!

Sunny Clouds:
I used to eat sauerkraut but didn't quite take to it.  On the other hand, it's not that I don't like anything vinegary, so maybe time to try again.


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