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Fibromyalgia - autoimmune condition?

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I'm joining the growing number of people who are rejecting the "mental illness" model in favour of what's happened to you rather than what's wrong with you. I reject the word disorder in any terminology for myself personally with regard to emotional struggles so will say that I have experienced Complex trauma but that's it. It's an unproven theory that there are chemicals lacking in the brain as there's no way of testing levels but pharma is a multibillion dollar industry so will sell that story. I'm not saying that there isn't a place for Psych drugs but for most people I think they do more harm than good. 

Drop the Disorder is a good group on Facebook and they have links to Mad in the UK and Mad in America which are anti the illness stance. What is needed is more therapies that explore trauma or painful life experiences, more community support for people who have experienced them. If we invested in that we could save billions from pharma and inpatient hospital stays. 

Dr Clare Bailey on Instagram is well worth a follow if you're interested in your microbiome and gut flora. She demonstrates many healthy recipes and explains how ingredients help our microbiome. She's a GP. She also answers most comments and answers questions! She's lovely. I would use more of her recipes but there is only one of me and sometimes they are inpractical for just one person.

Sunny Clouds:
Yes, Mad in the UK and Mad in America are good sources I turn to, and I'm with you in loathing the term 'disorder'.

I personally don't think it should matter whether you've got a condition because of your genes, because of your life experiences, because of infection or because of whatever else in terms of how much respect and decent treatment you get.

I dislike the way mental conditions are put in boxes with the classic thing "You've got Wossisname disorder"  "How do you know I've got Wossisname disorder?" "Because you've got five out of the eight symptoms people with Wossisname disorder have" "What's Wossisname disorder?"  "It's what people with those symptoms have."

But pure labels then get expanded into nonsense.

I don't mind the notion of illness in relation to mental conditions if it's treated in the same way as many other illnesses.  Someone comes into contact with mentally nasty things/happenings and someone else comes into contact with physically nasty things/happenings - why's it the case that if the way a person's mind reacts is labelled an illness it all too often gets less kindness than if the way a person's body reacts?

Well, it's the 'all in the mind' thing which overlaps with notions like imagining it, faking it etc.  And that's an attitude that also affects people with some physical conditions.  Never mind the physical symptoms they have to suffer, I'd hate to have to put up with the attitudes of so many professionals, politicians, administrators etc. towards a diagnosis like ME.


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