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Good Evening Everyone 
I hope you have all managed to stay safe?
I haven’t been on here forages due to health problems.
First one added to my COPD I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s then with AF(atrial fibrillation), but be a medication isn’t working properly I am waiting for an operation which there is at the moment a years waiting because of Covid.
I have also had fitted A recordable loop recorder which monitors my irregular heart beats.

If when my ESA reassessment is due I send all my hospital confirmation etc about theses, Will it exempt me from a medical.

I know there used to be on here a list of medical conditions and if they exemotedyou or not but can’t find it

Sunny Clouds:
I can't answer the exemption thing, but I can say this - if they think there's a risk of your causing problems in the building they may not wish you to attend for assessment, and if they think it's going to be a problem assessing you at home, it may put them off.

E.g. is there anything about your equipment that they might have cause to concern may malfunction or fail during an interview?


I’m no good at tiny URL.   Maybe someone else can do it? Look up page 42.  Sorry the booklet is quite long.

From memory- which can be poor - the exemption illnesses are cancer while getting chemo, dialysis or the doctor has to provide medical information saying you’d be at risk by attending 

So heart condition, Parkinson’s & COPD, at first glance no the diagnosis doesn’t get you an exemption, complete the form showing you meet the 15 points criteria several times over and yes they might award support group just on the form.

Anyway it’s not happening any time soon and if you’re already in support group then wait till they contact you  :f_peacedove:


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