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The problem with living alone and having no support network and the proviso of being able to have a general anaesthetic is to have a lift home and have someone stay overnight afterwards is that in desperation to get a painful impacted tooth out that you er forget you have no lift home and create an imaginary friend to stay overnight with you. 

Suffice to say, the tooth is out and all is well and my imaginary friend is being no trouble at all as guests go.

Is it a relief to have the tooth finally out? Did you leave 5p for the Tooth fairy?  :f_laugh:
So pleased your imaginary friend isn't up to too much mischief  :biggrin:

Hope you make a swift recovery  :f_hug:

It's definitely less painful out than it was in that's for sure. It appears to be healing well and I have only taken one painkiller since getting home. Big relief.

Sunny Clouds:
That sounds positive.

I'm just thinking how my grandmother, long gone now, told me she'd had all her teeth out as an eighteenth birthday present.  How amazing that dentistry's improved so much that for most of us in developed countries, having a tooth out is something that's sort of final option when all else has failed.

I had some of my teeth out for overcrowding in my youth, but I've only had one tooth out for other reasons, after it cracked a few years back.  I was surprised how quickly I got used to its not being there.

I had a few splinters and they worked their way out really smoothly and quickly.

Modern dentistry's amazing - make sure you continue to be an example of how well it can go.

Fiz- great that it's healing well and the pain is manageable. Long may that continue! 

Sunny- I remember both my granny and granddad had all their teeth out when they were young and it seemed to be the common thing to do. I can't imagine it. It must have been an horrendous experience. What an awful birthday present,  although dental treatment was quite primitive compared to modern day treatment, perhaps it's understandable. Even compararing dental treatment from the 70s and 80s to what I've experienced recently is so very different.


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