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I have this wheelchair
The footplates are removable so are the seat and back rest covers. The main wheels can be removed with the press of a button in the centre of the wheel. The handles fold down and the arm rests are adjustable it is light weight and has puncture proof tyres. This wheelchair can support 135kg and comes in different seat widths.

I had one from social services but was far too heavy so returned it.

Thanks everyone. I ended up buying a self propelled wheelchair for a reasonable price as I didn't think I would manage the holiday without one. Of course now the holiday is cancelled due to Covid-19 so the wheelchair is still in its box partly blocking my hall! I need to sort out my shed so that I can store it. Although I have bought an adjustable height and width table ideal for use with wheelchairs and had thought that I could use both in the kitchen because I didn't have a table. But I opened the box to the table and was stunned by the amount of pieces and know putting it together is was beyond me. So that will have to wait a few months until somebody can help me with it.

I ended up selling that wheelchair as it was hopeless for me as my back is too damaged for me to be able to propel a wheelchair myself and I have no one to push me.

I'm opioid free now in the hope my pituitary gland will recover so I am in considerably more pain and I can do far less. Very thankful for the stool occupational health delivered the day after I requested it via adult services so I can now do bits in the kitchen and the stair lift and the wet room.

So I am back to thinking about transport out and about. Because my spine is better upright I am thinking an electric wheelchair is best. I'd want it to travel a fair distance per charge. My Motability lease is due to end in July and I have been looking at vehicles that would take the scooters/wheelchairs that I have been looking at. Unfortunately all the ones that I have liked so far would require a LWB van type vehicle and I live in a meandering close with no turning space at the end where my house is and I don't think that I could reverse it weaving left and right around vehicles and around bends so I am not wanting a vehicle no longer than an MPV so I am told I need to find a smaller electric wheelchair. I guess I need one that will fold then if it's to be hoisted into an MPV. I'd need the chair to be stable and not easy tip going up and down kerbs.

I don't see people going around town centres in electric wheelchairs. People tend to use scooters but I know that I would lean forward and that would hurt if I had handle bars.

Any thoughts, suggestions or advice welcome.

This website has a large selection of powerchairs, lightweight and folding, which may be a starting point for looking further for the model you want. I would recommend you try it out before buying as it's a big expense and you need to make sure it's comfortable and easy for you to take apart.

Thank you DD. I think I have settled on a Lith-Tech one because I have been reading various review web articles and it seems to do quite well in all of them. Not sure when I will order it because I am not due a Motability vehicle change until July and will get a vehicle and hoist then. The car adaptions company said that I would need to fold the powerchair before it is hoisted into the vehicle but I can't bend to it so would want the hoist to lift the chair up before I fold it so that's complicated and I just hope that's possible.


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