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How exciting  :biggrin:
When I bought my powerchair, I too had a demo and took one out for a run! It felt really weird and is so different to driving anything else!  I understand your qualms. However,  it doesn't take long to master and you will soon be whizzing around the streets causing mayhem! 
I like the idea of P plates  :f_winkeye: 

Now I can take mine on trains and have even mastered London buses! I impressed myself that day (I had a hospital appointment) and it was so much more bearable and I was in much less pain than if I had used my manual wheelchair and crutches. I also had more energy left, which as you know, when you don't have much to start with, saving even the smallest amount is a bonus. 

Have fun exploring and having new adventures with your powerchair.  Are you going to give it a name? I'm one of these people who names everything! Even the feather duster has a name- Jonathan, if you're interested! I call my powerchair Speedy Whizz. Anyway, good luck and have loads of fun!

I still haven't ventured out in the powerchair. I'm not feeling well currently due to stress I think so need to chill for a few days but I haven't ruled out wheeling around to church on Sunday morning if it's dry and I'm up to it. 

I've been awarded a Motability grant for the AP and hoist for the new vehicle so I am ending my current lease a month early so as to get a vehicle that can transport the chair. My new car should reach the dealership on Monday then it's just a matter of the adaptions company fitting the hoist and then I can collect it. 

I'm so excited! This is going to sound mad but I am crazy about rollercoasters but it's been many years since I have been on any because standing and walking is so painful that I couldn't manage the parks but the new chair has made me want to head straight to Alton Towers without passing go. Unfortunately my previous rollercoaster buddy whom I haven't seen in years is away for the first two weeks of July then it's school holidays and not a great time to go. I really need to find someone to go with me early July but I don't know anyone else who enjoys coasters. I will continue to think on!

I don't know if you will find this encouraging or not, but this morning, on Radio Two, Clare Balding went on one of her ramblings with a wheelchair user. This lady had apparently been campaigning for more accessible paths with some success. She had a fancy off road chair but said that many paths were suitable of lesser vehicles and manual chairs. She has a web site listing them if you are interested.

Rather than repeat lots of details; here is a link to the item

Oh wow how interesting. Am I allowed to listen to the radio without a TV licence? Probably not? I will search for Debbie on social media and see if I can find accessible places to go in what she writes. Thanks!

Fiz, my understanding is that you need a TV licence to view or record currently broadcast programmes and other on I-player.

As Balding's program is on a publicly available web site and is not a current broadcast you should be ok.

This link might help.


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