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Sunshine Meadows:

I logged out of my account and checked I could read the Welfare Rights section and I could (as a guest), I wonder if there was a brief glitch or did you mean guests can't post to ask questions?

Not sure what happened there. I couldn't see it just before I made my post. I logged out and could see it.

Sunshine Meadows:

Monic who works in welfare rights has agreed to help Kizzy with this part of Ouch Too and she has therefore been given access to to the professional account on Benefits and Work.  >thumbsup<

Both Kizzy and Monic will be helping where they can, when they can, so if there is some delay in a post receiving a reply please be patient. It is important that members do not send PMs to either Kizzy or Monic asking directly for help, because they can not be expected to provide a private service in addition to what they post on the message board. If a member wants to talk about something which is too personal to post here they can say so on the board and it will be up to Kizzy or Monic to decide what they would like to do eg PM the member or suggest another avenue which could help them.

I am very happy that we are moving into this area of helping people and each other. Any member who wishes to offer layman's advice, post about their experience of things or make suggestions to other member's can feel free to do so. That said I am glad and relieved to have Kizzy and Monic taking the advice reins on the Welfare Rights section of Ouch Too.
Sunshine  >biggrin<



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