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Sunshine Meadows:
Since our move in November from the Aimoo site to this dedicated website we have had a greater opportunity to expand the goals for Ouch Too. The Spartacus Report was a catalyst for the creation of the Campaigning section of Ouch Too and the progress of the Welfare Reform Bill through parliament has made it clear to me that we do need a Welfare Rights section here on Ouch Too.

People can still post and comment on welfare rights on other Ouch Too boards like Talk, Disability Q and A, and the Cafe, and I recognise some people will be more comfortable doing that. Having the Welfare Rights will mean visitors, new members and current members who need benefits advice will have a more direct route to the information and help they need.

In the process of deciding to set this up I discussed how we could proceed with Steve over at the Benefits and Work website. Ouch Too now has a professional membership at Benefits and Work, and this gives us access to guides and information over there. In doing this I have assured Steve that I am aware of the fact I must not wholesale upload the Benefits and Work guides onto Ouch Too. Also if we are using information from one of the guides to help someone 'best practice' would be to give a link to the Benefits and Work website.

In having a Welfare Rights section on Ouch Too we must not take credit or imply ownership of the hard work Benefits and Work have put into producing their guides and gaining access to information not generally available on the internet.

We will be able to post information available on the internet eg the DWP website. I am not well read in welfare rights so Kizzy, who has experience in welfare rights is going to take a lead role. This means Kizzy has been given access to the professional account on Benefits and Work.

It is important that members and visitors to Ouch Too bear with us as we go through the process of setting up the Welfare Section on Ouch Too. If members have any questions related to board management please post them on Management Feedback or send a PM.

Thank you.

Sunshine Meadows:

Thank you for getting more work done on the welfare rights thread.  >thumbsup<

Sunshine Meadows:
The Welfare Rights category of Ouch Too is now open.


Hurrah! Thank you, Sunshine   >applause<

First of all, thank you Sunshine.

Secondly, guests can't see this board. (not a problem; just an observation)


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