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I've been inspired by Sunny's post about biscuits to finally take charge of my ever increasing waistline.
Fiz is right in saying that pain levels are easier when you don't carry excessive amounts of extra weight around like I am at the moment. I took that first step this morning and weighed myself  :f_steam: ..I've put on over a stone since my last weigh in before Christmas. I'm really angry with myself and frustrated that it goes on so easily but is a bugger to get rid of!

So, is anyone up for a supportive general place where we can talk about ideas for recipes, tactics, psychology behind weight management, healthy lifestyles, exercise ideas, cry on each other's shoulders when we're having a bad day, whatever anyone needs it to be.
I'm going to try to start the year with a positive attitude. Small steps and hopefully I will reach my goal. There's no hurry!

Sunny Clouds:
That sounds like a good idea.

I'll kick off with a niggle about how, whilst weight is a very useful measure (which I use) for variation in our bodies, it can be quite misleading.  I don't mean that anyone here misunderstands it, we're too aware, but that often advice, including official advice, is rubbish over it, which makes it harder to work out what's best.


I am currently approximately (within a couple of pounds or so) the same weight as I was when I was the fittest I ever was in my life when younger, a time in my life when I was swimming, running, working out in the gym, doing martial arts, cycling etc.  At least 3 hours of serious exercise every day and often more.  That weight is in the 'overweight' range on NHS tables.  Then I was fit and muscular, now I'm not.

Well yes, you might say, but I'll bet you were smaller then.  Not quite.  Same trouser size.

Eh?  But surely that extra weight had to be muscle?  Yes, lots was, but I had fat hips.  Not a fat belly, though, and now my belly's got too much fat.  Yes, it's not even clothing size that says enough, it's what sort of fat and where.

And then that brings us to what we're trying to achieve anyway.  If you've got health conditions that make it tough to carry extra weight around (which isn't my issue) then partly there's a difficult balance in terms of how much muscle you want where.

In my case, I'll refer to 'losing weight', but whilst from an outward appearance perspective I'd like to be slimmer, given that I've already got sagging skin with empty fat cells that I wouldn't get rid of without surgery, then unless fashion for my social group becomes tight, skinny jeans to hold it in, I'm not going to look much thinner.  Well, except my face, and droopy skin on face doesn't always look healthy, but then flabby skin tends not to.  (That 'but...' was added on as it popped up in my mind as a reminder to myself.)

And right now?  I've been recognising this last couple of weeks that over the last few years, the periods when I've been fittest have been when I've spent a lot of time doing what I think of as 'pottering round', e.g. sorting, tidying, vacuuming etc.  Again, thinking as I type, time to have another go at some more rearranging of my house to increase how much I move from room to room to do things.  I also need to psych myself up for thorough 'spring cleaning' starting early, stretching the meaning of it as wide as possible.

I'm also thinking how I've some things that need doing that I've put off.  I've a plug needs changing on a cable.  I bought the plug last summer and still haven't done it.   I've some trousers that need slight tailoring.  Again, not massive activity, but getting out my sewing machine and setting it up and using it would involve moving things round.  Ok, that's my task for this week - increase how much I do in terms of little tasks round the house.

Foodwise, as per the chocolate thread that can move here, I think, I'm trying to work out what does or doesn't make me feel good and why.

Great idea for a thread, DD - I'm happy for both this and Sunny's chocolate thread to be in Talk, as food, weight and exercise can have a significant bearing on disability matters, especially on a personal level, so have moved it for you  :thumbsup:

Great thread DD.

I don't do new year's resolutions but my aim for this year is to lose weight for health reasons mostly but also to raise my self-esteem.

I have some Renpho smart scales which tell me everything about my body, not just weight but weight or mass of bones, water, muscle and fat. And metabolic age  :f_doh:  and so there's various figures to look at. They were remarkably cheap! At the moment I am weighing weekly on Saturdays and have lost 4.5lbs this year. I'm bang on a stone so hopefully will drop down a number this Saturday which always feels good.

I'm eating keto, no starchy or complex carbs at all, no refined sugar (except for trace amounts in pure Heavenly chocolate but I am not buying more) and also using the nutracheck app to track my calorie and nutritional intake daily. The nutracheck app suits me as I make meal preps for the freezer in pyrex dishes with plastic lids and I can type in the ingredients in the batch and how many portions it created and it works out the calories per meal so when I get a meal from the freezer to heat and eat I just tap on the name of my meal prep. I can also scan labels on the smartphone so when I bought lunch in a supermarket to have out I just scanned the meal deal and it totted up the calories and told me how many I had left for the day. It sets up the days calories based on your current weight and how many calories you need to keep below in order to lose weight. I've inputted sedentary lifestyle because there wasn't a stagnant lifestyle option.

Any sort of exercise is impossible currently due to pain and fatigue. But if I can keep on track with the eating that's a good start. My aim, no idea whether I will manage it, is to lose a stone from where I am now and then add in some exercise. I've only gone over my calorie limit twice this year.

It'll be great to encourage each other with keeping on track and accountability. No weekly fees here! No scales shaming either!

I lost five stone last year, and, I have kept it off.   I would like to lose another stone, but, it’s ok if I don’t.   I’m not bragging, as mine was done out of necessity.   I was borderline diabetic, high BP, my cholesterol was rising, and, I had anaemia.  That’s why I decided to lose weight, for health reasons   I can’t join slimming clubs due to being profoundly deaf, so, I did it alone by researching the internet.  If anyone is interested I can post the sites that helped me lose weight. 


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