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Chocolate deficiency crisis!

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Sunny Clouds:
This morning, I did my vague, wander round the kitchen and wondered what I actually wanted.  There was part of a 'protein' bar, i.e. a 'sugar and junk' bar with a token amount of protein.  I ate a bit.  It wasn't actually very satisfying and I was aware that I hadn't really expected it to be. So why had I eaten it?

Convenience.  The greed was as much for 'now, now, now' as for chocolate.

I thought of what else I buy that I'm 'gobble it now' with.  I've done the same with jars of peanut butter, jars of mayonnaise.  Yup, 'now' is the biggest driver.

Also, I'd bought some of those 'salads' that consist of a bit of tuna, some pasta, some lettuce and whatever else they fancy.  It used to be more sweetcorn and now it's cucumber and carrot.  I'd also bought a can of tuna and some lettuce.  I mixed it all up and willingly focussed primarily on munching the lettuce.

I've been finding I quite like lettuce but it doesn't say "eat me now".  But I didn't grow up eating lettuce.  I didn't even know what it tasted like until less than two years ago.  How do I embed the mental association between 'lettuce' and 'nice to snack on' in my brain?  It has to be possible.

This all has to be possible to deal with.

PS.  Does anyone know where one gets this 'self control' stuff?  I can't find it on ebay.  Do I have to make it myself?  (Yes, my humour gets pretty dire when I'm feeling guilty.)


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