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Chocolate deficiency crisis!

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Sunny Clouds:
I have developed nasty symptoms of a chocolate biscuit, cake & cookie deficiency crisis.

1. I have no chocolate biscuits, cakes or cookies in my kitchen, only ghastly non-curative junk like vegetables, fish, pulses, nuts, grains etc.

2. I have a cough that would scare others in the supermarket.

3. Some horrible government adviser has accidentally told the BBC that if you have coronavirus symptoms, e.g. coughing (take your pick between continuous, persistent or whatever is this week's definition) you have to self-isolate for a week even if your lateral flow is negative and now you can't escape simply by getting a pcr to prove you messed up the lft.

How am I going to survive?  And if I don't, is there chocolate in the afterlife?

(And have I misread the rules?  Can I escape if I've no fever?)

Sunny Clouds:
The cough is easing after some cough mixture, but hasn't stopped.  But I think I'm right that the three times a day thing isn't necessary if you're coughing for over an hour.

To be briefly serious (gosh I must be unwell), I get very catarrhal at night because of a mould allergy, and usually have a couple of brief bouts of 'bring up the mucus' coughing in the morning (leaning over moist air whilst washing hair then having first hot drink).

So because I've been tossing and turning a lot on account of pain in my back and ribs, this could actually be simply my mould allergy worsened by the movement stirring up spores round my bed. 

And my lft's definitely negative.  It's not fair, why can't I be the sort of person that would ignore the rules and trust the lft?

Oh well, paracetamol for my back pain and a bottle of cough mix to park next to my bed.  Maybe I can get some sleep in the daytime.  Dreaming of choccy treats I shouldn't be eating anyway.  I weaned myself off them before then lapsed.  Maybe cold turkey will do the trick.  Or maybe I'll cave in and plead with the neighbours to help me.

Sunny Clouds:
Paracetamol + cough mix = sleep.

Awake, feeling just slightly tired, coughing without leaning over hot, moist air, trying to work out whether you report a negative lft if you have symptoms.  Yes, my pedantry's still functioning ok, and my humour's still dysfunctional as usual.

Sunny, a negative PCR + fully vaccinated = you don't need to self isolate so you can go on a chocolate hunt but I am passing you some in case you don't feel up to the trip 🍫🍫🍫🍰🧁🍫

I hope you feel better soon  :f_hug:

Sunny Clouds:
It was an lft, but I've just booked a pcr.  I was a bit confuddled because I thought the government had been saying you couldn't have pcrs if you'd got symptoms, you should just isolate, and that pcrs were for people who'd tested positive lft with no symptoms.  But that's back to front, isn't it?  Anyway, I phoned 119 and asked whether I report a negative lft result if I've got a cough and was told yes and given a pcr appointment.  I gather they want to do some other sort of test as well that involves stabbing me with something.  Or maybe I'm supposed to do it to myself.  If I hadn't phoned before seeing your post, I'd have been prompted to think of a pcr test.

And if it's positive, my main worry is that there's a neighbour that helps me with my garden and I always put a kettle, mug, teabag etc. and some choccy or biscuits  (and a bit of cash).  I was wondering how to get my neighbours to do it so I don't have to breathe germs all over the teabag. But that's not until Sunday.

So I shall take that virtual choccy with me to the pcr test.  Why didn't I get Fizchoc with my army rations?  I'd have been able to march much further.


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