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Washing machines aren't as well made nowadays as they used to be in my experience. My current Panasonic is naff, if the load isn't "right" it refuses to spin so I end up carrying up dripping wet washing into the wet room to drip dry in there for a couple of weeks and it stinks as it won't even spin the rinse water out. Hopeless machine.

Which makes me think, I have actually ordered a new Henry vacuum cleaner as my Dyson has died. When I am well enough I will take the Dyson apart, wash it, dry it and reassemble it and see if it will work again. That worked once before. Meanwhile I need something more reliable and Henrys are generally that. It was reduced by £40 in the January sale. I was hankering after the pink version but that wasn't in the sale! That's sex discrimination! 😉

Sunny Clouds:
(Whinge about my washing machine, not bought in sales.)

I bought a new Bosch washing machine a few months ago to replace an old Bosch top-loader.  The old one, which was around 15 years old, washed excellently.

The new one doesn't seem to wash very well and always seems to have a puddle of foam in the bottom of the door seal.  Even if one supposes that all the detergent has been washed out of the clothes, I can't find how to get them out without dragging them across the foam.  I typically add an extra rinse to the wash but that doesn't always sort it.

What I realised recently, though, was that if I hand wash my cotton face masks, using handwash liquid, they are ok.  If I stick them through the machine and put them on, they make my face itch and trigger my sebhorroeic dermatitis.

I wondered whether it was the powder, but that's just plain non-bio powder and I've tried more than one brand.  I wondered whether it was putting them through the tumble dryer that was the problem, but if I handwash and put them through the dryer, there's no problem.

So basically, the machine is rubbish.  I'm keeping my eye open for a secondhand old toploader.

I'm particularly annoyed because it took me a long time to pick a machine because I wanted one that didn't rely on a digital display for settings.  Dial and buttons only, i.e. I need to be able to set it by touch.


Persil non-bio is the powder recommended by the ezcema society and was the only one my daughter could tolerate without an ezcema flare.
I use a fraction of the detergent than is recommended on the container. They definitely state you need more than you actually do. They want you buying lots more, rather than just enough.

Sunny Clouds:
I kept reducing the powder more and more with my new machine, until the clothes weren't even coming out clean, and even then there was still foam round the seal.

I think the machine is rubbish. As it is, it's a replacement because the first one they delivered was damaged.

I've no idea how I could ever prove to the manufacturers or the shop I bought it off that it's so useless.

Same with my Panasonic refusing to spin. They sent an engineer out as it was under warranty and I had bought it from John Lewis and the engineer just said that the drum was computerised and set to weigh and balance the drum before spinning and suggested that if it refuses to spin to simply add a large towel to the wash and try a cycle again! And he left. I have washed many clean large bath sheets in order to make the machine spin! But sometimes it doesn't work and my wet room is full of dripping things. Whenever it packs up I won't be choosing a Panasonic.


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