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Fizz thanks for the washing powder recommendation.   Is there anything similar for conditioner, for the washing machine?  I have been itching all over my body.   My husband stopped using the conditioner, and, the itching has stopped.  I have eczema, and, certain detergents, soaps, etc set it off.   I can’t use various shower gels as I break out. 

My daughter had horrendous ezcema as a child, hence the research on washing powders. I didn't use any conditioner when her ezcema was at its worst but in her teens I started using fairy gentle conditioner and at that stage she was okay with that. It's non scented and I suspect is the gentlest around. Boots used to make baby washing powder that the ezcema society recommended but they stopped making it so then persil non bio was then the lone recommendation and she was always fine with that.

Through her childhood she used to be given smellies as presents that she'd hand straight to me to dispose of because she knew she couldn't use them, same with most make up in her teens. Boots number 7/17 was the only make up she could use. It's actually such a pain.

I have wanted to make my own natural cleaning and washing products for a long time. I bought a book a couple of years ago but hadn't felt well enough to start making anything.
Last month I bought the ingredients necessary to begin so in the New Year I'm going to try making dishwasher tablets!

Anyway here's a recipe for fabric softener from the book:
1 litre white vinegar
10 drops of citrus or lavender essential oil.
Pour the vinegar into the glass container and add chosen essential oil.
Shake well before use.
Add 125ml to the softener dispenser for a medium load and 250ml for a large load.
Store in a jar or bottle. Storage time up to three months.

Source: Natural Home Cleaning by Fern Green

If anyone tries it before I do, please report back!

Sunny Clouds:
I don't use fabric conditioner usually, but ironically I had a bottle that I bought ages ago and never used and used yesterday.  I'm not sure it made a lot of difference, but it was well worth playing around with washing stuff.

Vinegar is something I use intermittently to clean my machine and I hadn't thought of using a bit as a fabric softener.  I'm not really fussed about the softener aspect so much as what I'll call a 'kill the foam and keep the machine clean' aspect.

Anyway, you've prompted me to play with various things.  Now where's my bottle of white vinegar?


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