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Lateral flow tests - harder to get

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What an ingenious invention!
This would be handy for me when I'm having a nap. It takes me long enough to get to the door at the best of times,  and when I'm drowsy I'm even worse, so something like this would be really useful. The wrist strap vibrating could help to alert me as the dog just ignores the door bell!

Sunny Clouds:
I've discovered there are some places still handing out LFT packs, but you have to go to the right place on the right day.  If I go in the next couple of days, there's a place I could go to, if I don't mind crowded buses and a crowded place to pick it up, because the sort of place they're handing them out is railway stations and shopping centres.

So if I want to keep checking I don't have the virus so I can self isolate if I do, so as to minimise the risk of passing it on, I have to maximise my own risk of getting the virus in the first place.

I suppose that there's a strong correlation between people who'd be more likely to pass the virus on (e.g. not believing it's dangerous, not understanding that you can get it symptomless and therefore pass it on without realising you've got it, or just understandably giving up on making sense of it all) and people who'd be more likely not to test (e.g. don't think it matters, can't understand the technology, given up making sense...).

On the local buses, roughly 2/3, sometimes more, of passengers aren't wearing masks.  Quite a few wear them to get on, then pull them down or take them off once they're on board.  Since it's my guess that most of those not wearing them aren't exempt, that would suggest that those that aren't are a mixture of people that don't realise they can still infect others even without symptoms themselves, or just don't care.

I will confess I find catching buses genuinely scary.

How to get lateral flow tests changed on October the 4th. You have to use this government website:-
More at link:-

Get a collect code to pick up coronavirus (COVID-19) rapid lateral flow tests - Get a coronavirus test - GOV.UK (

[size=3rem]Get a collect code to pick up coronavirus (COVID-19) rapid lateral flow tests[/size][size=1.1875rem]This service goes live from 4 October 2021. Until then you can pick up lateral flow test packs from a pharmacy without needing a collect code.[/size][size=1.1875rem]Use this service to get a collect code so you can pick up rapid lateral flow test packs from a pharmacy.[/size][/color]

Sunny Clouds:
I suppose I'll have to go through all that palaver.  Though if the 'collect code' is a QR code like the pharmacist said I need, heaven knows how my printer will cope with it.

My depression is bad at the moment and one of the main effects is a sense that everything seems too difficult.  As I type this, I'm thinking of something - I'll use this to test whether my attempts to align my print heads have worked this time.

I know I seem moany.  I feel moany.  But at least I feel able to moan here where lovely Ouchers give me info, suggestions, ideas when I'm struggling.  What about all those people that can't get support?

That being so, I paused to look again at the link.  A fresh collect code every time.  My printer flushes through the print heads every time I switch it on.   Printing a single page is almost as expensive as printing a whole wodge of them.  I can afford that - I wonder how many people can't.

Come to think of it, I wonder whether any of my neighbours can't?  I think I need to gently ask.

I think it's a sign of the times that maybe our local community needs to think about a lateral flow bank alongside the foodbank, the clothesbank and goodness only knows what else banks.  Seriously.  If you can't afford food, loopaper, sanitary towels etc. and get help in your community centre or place of worship for internet access to claim benefits because you can't afford a phone or internet connection, how do you do this?

Sorry to ramble politically.  It just feels like throwing more people under the bus.  At least for me, it's just depression that's making it difficult.  Time was, I'd have been focussed on seeing what food I could pick up off the ground outside the takeaway.  I'm not joking about that.

You're the only person that I know getting lateral flow tests without symptoms or whatever sunny. I've asked everyone I know and with the exception of the two A&E workers who have weekly tests, no one else is getting tested even though they're back in society. I wonder if less demand for the lateral flow tests has reduced supply? The A&E workers don't have any tests for 6 months after testing positive for Covid because it can apparently show up as positive for months so they don't get tested. That seems bizarre.


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