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Lateral flow tests - harder to get

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--- Quote from: Fiz on 08 Oct 2021 07:31PM ---You're the only person that I know getting lateral flow tests without symptoms or whatever sunny.

--- End quote ---

My wife and I have been testing using lateral flow tests for some time now. There has been a requirement for a negative test within 36 hours of arrival at several motorcycle rallies/camping weekends we have been to.

Sunny Clouds:
I have been having lateral flow tests for five reasons. 

1. The government has been explicitly stating that we should do them if we have no symptoms (and a PCR test if we do);

2. I have read a range of medical opinions that recommend them;

3. There is some research going on that suggests that whilst overall PCR tests are  more accurate, they may be less sensitive than lateral flow tests at picking up the delta variant.  Research is ongoing to see whether there are alternative explanations for people with symptoms getting positive lateral flow tests and negative PCR tests;

4. I have some symptoms such as runny nose and sneezing relating to seasonal allergies at different times of year (currently the tail end of the silver birch winged seed season) and an immune system reaction to a particular type of tree mould that varies according to weather (all year round when it's wet and windy).  I could otherwise rely on them as two recognised key symptoms of covid in people who are double-jabbed (as opposed to the key symptoms in unjabbed people);

5. I consider it part of my contribution towards protecting others, just as do other things to protect others, such as wearing a mask, and socially distancing where possible, and sanitising my hands before touching things like shopping trolleys and grab rails, and helping others to shield or isolate by collecting things like medication, groceries, other shopping etc. for them.  (I don't necessarily need to know who needs help, I get word of mouth in the form of a phone call or call over the fence or whatever "The woman at number such-and-such in wossisname road needs something-or-other." or "We're isolating,  can you get us our something-or-other.")

I wasn't intending you to feel the need to justify why sunny  :f_hug:

Lankou yes I realise many events and appointments require them.


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