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So now it's Javid's turn to fake Covid19 infection

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From the web pages of the Guardian, looks like my suspicions might not be so far from the truth regarding these alleged Covid19 infections.

"Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak will not isolate after being ‘pinged’, says No 10"

Sunny Clouds:
When I think  of what's going on, I just keep calling to mind the famous story of Boris' schooldays when he had a role in a play and couldn't be bothered to learn his lines, so wrote them out and stuck them on surfaces like pillars so he could read them off.

He, like so many politicians, is an odd mixture of careful planning and chance-taking.  Think of how many poorly planned, poorly thought out projects he's fronted, such as the Garden Bridge, Boris Buses etc.  Sometimes someone else picks up the plan and sorts it when he's gone, sometimes no one does.  In the meantime, his friends benefit from big fees for advising etc. and a future career for him with well-paid 'consultancies' and being in with the power crowd is guaranteed.

So if Boris is a risk-taker, why wouldn't he think it's just fine to take risks with sars-cov-2?  He's known for not having bothered to attend Cobra meetings early in the pandemic.  What else hasn't he 'learnt his lines' from?

That being said, not for nothing did the term 'lies, damned lies, and statistics' become embedded in the English language.  For instance, the 'average' person hasn't a clue about the different sorts of 'average'.  And there are other things people don't take on, not because they don't want to, but because people don't explain.  For instance, how many people actually get the gist of how it takes time to get to know a new virus?  Whilst Boris can't be bothered to learn his lines, many people out there don't even realise there are lines to learn.

No wonder there's so much scepticism about vaccines when not only have we still got the after-effects of the Wakefield MMR scandal  still frightening people (I wonder if he's yet worked out the difference between correlation and causation?) but many people, I think, don't understand that a vaccination can be partially effective.  But don't expect our government to push that message home.

I'm psyching myself up to go on a binge shop for basics.  I've already done one a couple of days ago.  Yup, stockpiling so I can keep my head low and be very picky when and where I go after 'Freedom to Endanger Others' day.


--- Quote from: JLR2 on 18 Jul 2021 09:01AM ---From the web pages of the Guardian, looks like my suspicions might not be so far from the truth regarding these alleged Covid19 infections.

"Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak will not isolate after being ‘pinged’, says No 10"

--- End quote ---
They have both now backed down due to the very angry response.

I despair these people are supposed to be professional politicians yet they completely misread the situation. Not once, not twice, but continuously. They couldn't run a piss up in a brewery.

The other lot continuously criticise them, justifiably, but don't offer credible alternative policies. Just vague mumbles.

Pox on all their houses. :f_yikes:

Sunny Clouds:
They are professional politicians.

Politics is a competitive business.  Getting elected is, I believe, more like winning a beauty or entertainment contest than being technically competent.

Is it always the singers with the best voices and best songs that hit the charts?  How much is down to the fashion of the time, good PR, and chance?

I could wonder how decent people ever get elected, but chance can sometimes go their way as well.

Declaration of interest - I utterly loathe Johnson and his cabinet plus other neoliberal politicians.  To me what sums up their attitude is the two-child benefits rule, which created a new offence of failing to choose the right parents, with an age of criminal responsibility of zero minus nine months, the punishment for which is the withholding of basics such as food, toiletries, clothing etc.  Murderers and rapists and terrorists don't have to rely on foodbanks.

I try to balance by deep fear of what is happening politically with a hope that people, of a range of circumstances such as social class, gender, ethnicity, age, education etc. can somehow pull together to survive.


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